What is K-Beauty?

K-Beauty (Korean beauty) is the general name for the Korean skincare culture, which focuses on gentle skin care with natural ingredients that repair and moisturize the skin.

Korean beauty care is known for its continuous innovations in ingredients and product improvements, with a unique way of incorporating plant extracts and fermented products. Its mission is focused on skin health and results that leave skin smooth, healthy and looking as even and beautiful as possible.

The sun and Korean beauty. It is very important to use proper protection no matter the weather and regardless of whether you are outside or inside.

K-Beauty Routine.

A K-Beauty routine consists of 6 or 10 steps. With the routine you cleanse, nourish, moisturize and most importantly protect your facial skin.

It is not necessary to perform all 6 or 10 steps. If you don't already follow a skin care routine or you want to start wirh K-Beauty products, we offer basic routines for different skin types, and also a wide range of products for each step of the routine. A simple and consistent routine with the right products will already give you amazing results. 

1-Oil Cleansing: Cleanses all impurities and residues of makeup.

2-Water Cleansing: The double cleansing that ensures the skin is deeply cleansed.

3-Exfoliating Scrub: Removes all dead skin cells, it is used only once a week.

4-Tonic: Helps balance the pH (acidity) of your skin and also provides extra hydration.Tonic

5-Essence: Prepares the skin for the ingredients in the skin care products.

6-Serum: Substance containing active ingredients with the function of nourishing the skin.

7-Mask: Aimed at giving the skin additional ingredients that are easily absorbed.

8-Eye cream: Because the skin around the eyes is more sensitive and thinner, special hydration is required.

9-Moisturizer: Has the function of ending the routine by providing hydration and retaining moisture.

10-Sunscreen: With a high factor (SPF), it protects against negative effects of the sun on the skin.